TYPE: Festival Headline Act


SCOPE: Content design/animation + creative consulting

STORY: After the conclusion of the This Is America tour, we re-connected with the Childish Gambino team to begin ideating for his 2019 Coachella Main Stage performance. With the intent to create a show that could be simultaneously intimate and cinematic, we spent a couple of weeks storyboarding out a tone-setting Pre-Show and an introductory reveal that would feel not only special, but honest. Drawing on our own experience with the mountains of the Coachella Valley, we built a transitional opening that subtly transitioned the screens from the recognizable Coachella interstitials to a brooding laser-outlined landscape. This minimalist design language was further developed and extended throughout the diverse set list to thematically tie together the show. We also carried the ubiquitous palm tree aesthetic to funky extremes for the Summer Pack songs.

SPECIAL THANKS: Chad Taylor and all of wolf + rothstein, Christian Coffey, Nick Fletcher + the Lucid team

RELEASE DATE: April 2019